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6 Ways to Store Books in Your Apartment – Without Bookshelves or a Library

6 Ways to Store Books in Your Apartment – Without Bookshelves or a Library

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If you’re an avid book reader (or maybe just an avid book buyer, they are two very different things!) you may be looking for ways to store and organize your books in your apartment. Bookshelves are the traditional way to store your favorite reads, but if you’re looking for something a little more creative, check out some of these innovative ways to keep your books on display 


Stack Them On A Cart 

A rolling cart is an essential piece of furniture in an apartment. This mobile piece of furniture can hold cocktail ingredients, kitchen gadgets, office supplies, or in this case, books! Stack your books and surround them with plants, artwork, or decor items to create a simple yet organized statement piece in your bedroom or living room.  


Use A Ladder 

A decorative ladder is a simple decor item that has many uses, one of them being a cute way to show off your books. Paint a simple kitchen ladder to match the aesthetic of your space, and then open up a book and hang it over the rungs of the ladder. This shows off the cover, can hold your place in books you’re currently reading, and be a simple yet artistic addition to your apartment.  


Storage Containers 

Storage containers are more about function than form, but if you’ve got more books than you have space, a few clear plastic storage containers with lids could help keep things organized. You could tuck these bins away, or put a tablecloth over them, set some plants or artwork on them, and turn your book storage containers into mini coffee tables.  


Inside A Door 

One budget-friendly way to store books and maximize space is by storing them on the inside of a closet door. Install a few IKEA book racks or baskets to the inside of your closet and keep your books there. This is a great option for those who want the option to tuck their books away but like the idea of seeing the books from the front instead of just the spines.  


On The Wall  

Another great way to store books in your apartment is to install wall shelves. This doesn’t take up any valuable floor space and allows your books to work as art.  


Find A New Use For Vintage Furniture 

Incorporating vintage furniture into your modern apartment is a great way to add style and personality to your space, and can be a cost-effective alternative to furnishing your apartment with all-new pieces. Vintage furniture is also known for having nooks and crannies that are perfect for storing things, like books. A record player, vintage dresser, or coffee table, refurbished cabinets can be repurposed to display all of your favorite books while also adding to the aesthetic of your space.  

Bottom Line 

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