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Moving Into A Fully Furnished Apartment? Here’s What To Expect

Moving Into A Fully Furnished Apartment? Here’s What To Expect

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So you found a fully furnished apartment in LA? Congratulations! Now the fun begins. Moving into a fully furnished apartment makes moving (and apartment living) much easier and more convenient than a traditional apartment. NMS Cara offers fully furnished studio apartments that have been carefully put together by a professional team of designers. These apartments are move-in ready, down to the sheets on the beds and the carefully selected home decor items throughout the home.  


Furnished Vs. Fully Furnished Vs. Semi-Furnished 


Not all furnished apartments are created equally. There is a slight difference between fully furnished, furnished, and semi-furnished apartments.  


Fully furnished apartments are also known as turn-key apartments. These apartments provide more than just the basics and offer things like towels, blankets, and cookware. In theory, you could walk into a fully furnished apartment with your toiletries, food, and clothing and start living comfortably.  


Furnished apartments offer all of the basics of apartment living, including a couch, lighting, beds, dining areas, and living room furniture.  


Semi-furnished apartments offer fewer design options and amenities than fully furnished or furnished apartments, but more than an empty apartment. These apartments still provide basic furniture and appliances that you need to get started, like beds, couches, a refrigerator, dining room tables, and lighting.  


Here’s a room-by-room breakdown of what you can expect from a fully furnished apartment:  



Your bedroom in a fully furnished apartment will have everything you need to move in, unpack your bags, and start living comfortably. In high-end apartments like NMS Cara, your private bedroom will include: 


  • Bed with a modern and comfortable mattress 

  • High-end sheets and linens 

  • Pillows  

  • Throw rugs/carpets 

  • Nightstands and dressers  

  • Lamps 

  • Artwork and designer finishes 


Some units also have a built-in office space, perfect for students, remote workers, and small business owners. These convenient study nooks are the perfect place to set up your laptop, chargers, devices, printers, and study/work materials.  


As a bonus, many of the bedrooms at NMS Cara have sliding glass doors that lead out to private patios and balconies that are also furnished with high-quality outdoor lounge furniture.  



The bathroom in your apartment will be ready to use on move-in day. The bathrooms have gorgeous glass-enclosed showers. Every bathroom is finished with designer accents and plenty of storage space. You bring the toilet paper and toiletries and the rest of it is taken care of.  



When you are moving into a fully furnished apartment, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of time and money buying all the things required to complete your kitchen. Fully furnished kitchens not only come with full size appliances, but also provide cabinets and drawers stocked with utensils, cookware, dishes, and kitchen gadgets. You'll need to supply food, tupperware, cleaning supplies, coffee accessories, and other specialty kitchen accessories, but for the most part, these designer kitchens are move-in ready and designed to be comfortable and convenient places to cook and eat together.  


Living Room 

Living rooms at NMS Cara are designed to be lived in. Some units have lofty ceilings, while others have a private patio. These warm and welcoming spaces are complete with name-brand couches, sleek coffee tables, neutral color tones, and corresponding home accents. You don't even need to bring artwork or even your TV because it's all already part of the design scheme.  


Bottom Line 

A fully furnished apartment is a great option for a busy college student, small business owner, or first-time apartment renter who doesn't have the time or money to furnish an entire apartment. These carefully curated apartments are designed to make life easy and comfortable while still feeling sophisticated and organized. If you're still looking for a fully furnished apartment in Los Angeles, schedule a tour of NMS Cara today and start picturing yourself living in one of the most talked-about apartments in the city! 

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