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3 Medical Centers Near NMS Cara

3 Medical Centers Near NMS Cara

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The Los Angeles area provides access to some of the best medical care in the world, and there are multiple large medical facilities in the West Los Angeles area. There are lots of traveling nurses who are looking for a place to live when they spend time at these beautiful medical centers, and one of the most popular locations is NMS Cara. What are some of the top medical facilities in the local area, and what sets them apart from the others in the region? 

1. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center 

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was founded in 1955, and it sits right in the middle of the UCLA Campus, located in West Los Angeles. Every floor of the hospital is dedicated to a separate adult specialty. There are a total of 12 adult specialties represented at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, making this location one of the most versatile in the region. Furthermore, every floor has its own pharmacy in addition to workrooms for different medical professionals. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is regularly ranked in the top 10 in numerous adult specialties, and it has received a wide variety of awards from U.S. News & World Report. It is also known for providing patients and families with access to friendly, knowledgeable doctors and mid-level providers. 

2. Cedars Sinai Medical Center 

Another exceptional medical center in West Los Angeles is called Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This is an exceptional hospital in Los Angeles that consistently receives awards for specialties such as ear nose and throat (ENT), cardiac surgery, and cancer research. It has also received high marks in neurology and neurosurgery. This is a nonprofit hospital that has numerous locations scattered throughout the Los Angeles area, and it provides care for both adults and children. Some of the specialties that are represented include gastroenterology, GI surgery, Nephrology, Gynecology, and Cardiology. 

3. UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center 

UCLA has multiple campuses in West Los Angeles, and another location is called UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. This medical center is regularly ranked in the top 20 nationally by US News and World Report for the care it provides across various specialties, particularly orthopedics. It is one of the most popular medical centers in the area for people looking for knee replacements and hip replacements. The hospital was founded in 1926, and it has a total of 281 beds for patients of all ages. It is also a popular location for people who need emergency care. 

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