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Three Reasons You Should Consider Traveling Nursing In West Los Angeles

Three Reasons You Should Consider Traveling Nursing In West Los Angeles

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As a travel nurse, you're vital to ensuring hospitals throughout the nation have all the medical staff they need to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

The History of Travel Nursing in West Los Angeles 

Because of high-census healthcare concerns, travel nurses began taking assignments in various parts of the country in the 1970s, when the travel nurse industry emerged. A high-census situation describes when the local population is too high for its medical professionals to support. Travel nurses come to the rescue, flying in from other states to help short or long-term. 

Travel nursing assignments can last for months or years, and sometimes the contracts are open-ended. Historically, this has made housing an issue for traveling nurses in West Los Angeles, where the high cost of living and tight rental market has made their jobs that much harder. In some situations, and on some contracts, travel nurses will be reimbursed for their housing, and over time, they get to pick great locations to practice, including our own West Los Angeles. 

If you're one of these amazing traveling nurses, you should consider West Los Angeles as a preferred location. We need nurses, and we'd love to have you here! 

Proximity to Hospitals and Health Care Centers 

West Los Angeles is close to large hospitals and healthcare centers. We considered this when creating NMS Cara — an all-inclusive, furnished co-living apartment community in West Los Angeles. We have proximity to multiple healthcare facilities and complexes, which also represent multiple prospective employment opportunities for you. We're near: 

  • WLA VA Hospital 

  • Wilshire West Medical Tower 

  • Los Angeles Treatment & Imaging Center 

  • Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles 

  • Southern California Hospital 

  • The Doctors of Saint John's 

  • Kindred Hospital of Los Angeles 

  • Peter Morton Medical Building at UCLA 

  • Julius Stein Hospital 

  • West Hills Medical Center 

  • And more! 

Center of Dining and Entertainment 

West Los Angeles is the center of a fantastic dining and entertainment subculture which traveling nurses are sure to enjoy. Highly rated dining experiences include West Restaurant & Lounge in the Hotel Angeleno, The Six Chow House, The Henry, Prastina Trattoria, The West End, Ospero, Il Moro, and GRANVILLE. From gastropubs to Italian eateries to sushi, West Los Angeles is the place to be. 

If you're into rock music, NMS Cara isn't far from The Venice West (restaurant and venue) and Troubador, a live music performance spot. It's not worth working in West Los Angeles with a bit of authentic entertainment culture. 

Sports Fan Central 

Are you a sports fan? Get into the spirit and celebrate the Los Angeles FC, Dodgers, Rams, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers, Galaxy, and Kings, as well as the UCLA sports teams. 

If West Los Angeles culture sounds like the right fit and you're a traveling nurse looking for a furnished co-living apartment, check out NMS Cara, a popular place for traveling nurses to call home. We offer 31-day (and longer) leases to fit almost any work contract for traveling nurses. 

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