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5 Of Our Favorite Spots In Sawtelle Japantown

5 Of Our Favorite Spots In Sawtelle Japantown

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Sawtelle Japantown, also known as Little Osaka or simply Sawtelle, is a beautiful stretch of an area tucked between Sawtelle Boulevard and Santa Monica, north of Dowlen Drive. 

Besides being adjacent to NMS Cara West Los Angeles apartments, the area is a thriving Japanese-American cultural hub. 

It is lined with trendy lunch cafeterias, pop-culture boutiques, noodle shops, Korean karaoke lounges, Sichuan specialist shops, and almost anything fun and Asian you can put your finger on. 

Check out five of our favorite spots in Sawtelle Japantown for ideas on what awaits you when you finally break out of your West Los Angeles Apartment: 

1. Coffee Tomo 

Love a good roasted coffee to kickstart your day? The coffee at Coffee Tomo will make you super happy. It is roasted on-site to ensure the utmost flavor freshness and is served Japanese-style complete with a cinnamon stick, for a coffee experience like no other. 

Based on Mississippi Avenue, Coffee Tomo is an upscale counter-serve stop that offers Japanese-inspired roast coffee and a variety of baked treats, including pretzels, specially hand-made by the owner, Kevin Kibum. 

You can dine in, but most people do counter-serve stops and takeaways. It’s a great spot to start off your tour of Sawtelle Japantown. 

2. G32 Art Gallery 

Get your coffee to go, and head to the G32 Art Gallery at 20262 Sawtelle Blvd. 

The gallery houses anime-inspired art and creative wares from the crème de la crème of Asian artists in Sawtelle Japantown like Takashi Murakami, David Choe, and Katsuya Terada. 

Here you are guaranteed to find nearly any form of Asian-American art, from manga comics and plush dolls to tees inspired by pop culture icons and cartoons. 

The gallery also hosts creative shows headlined by big names in the Asian-American culture, like Yoskay Yamamoto, Mari Inukai, and Edwin Ushiro. 

Be sure to chat with the owner, Eric Nakamura, as he is almost always on-site and is very friendly. He is also the brains behind the Giant Robot store nearby where you’ll also find an impressive collection of Asian artware. 

3. Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle 

Want a taste of the best ramen noodles in Sawtelle Japantown? Head to Tsujita. 

Tsujita is a renowned ramen brand with about 11 locations in the U.S. Sawtelle’s Tsujita was their first American branch, so it’s no surprise they are always packed. 

They definitely live up to the hype with their rich variety of ramen dishes because whether you are vegetarian or a meat-lover, you are sure to find a ramen dish that will satisfy your cravings. 

4. Blockheads 

LA summers can be best described as scorching and brutal. Luckily, you don’t have to bear the brunt of skyrocketing temperatures because this popular Sawtelle Japantown spot got you covered. 

Blockheads is one of Sawtelle’s most revered desert places. They boast particularly rich, and authentic Hawaii shaved ice cream varieties and offer customizable toppings and drizzles to go with. 

So, whether you’re in the mood for something cold but fruity or crave something more traditional, like green tea or strawberry-flavored shaved ice cream to beat the heat, be sure you’ll find it here. 

5. Stoner Park Japanese Garden 

There’s no better place to end your day in Sawtelle and enjoy your shaved ice cream than the small Japanese Garden on the southeast corner of Stoner Park. 

Although not new(established in 1931), the small Japanese garden inspires Zen (Japanese for peaceful and calm) with its beautiful cherry blossom trees, Japanese anemones, asters, and sedums. 

The garden is home to a 4-foot-tall Japanese-style lantern and three monument stones commemorating the founders. The famous annual cherry blossom festival is often held in an indoor gymnasium not so far from the garden. 

Explore Sawtelle Japantown Today 

Living in the NMS Cara West Los Angeles Apartments has one significant advantage: it’s a short distance from Sawtelle Japantown where you can find everything from manga comics in Asian-American galleries, to the best noodle ramen in LA. Above are our top five favorite spots in Sawtelle Japantown you should purpose to visit soon. 

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